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About Enviro Clean Pro

Enviroclean Pro are a specialist manufacturer of environmentally friendly cleaning and janitorial chemicals for the commercial catering and hospitality trades. Our Specialist range has been designed to meet the rigorous janitorial requirements of commercial kitchens, bars and hotels without relying on hazardous or harmful ingredients in our chemicals.

"Environmentally friendly cleaning and janitorial chemicals"

This makes Enviroclean Pro the perfect brand for businesses whom want to improve health and safety risk for their staff and customers, reduce operational costs and minimise the environmental impact of their operation.


Enviro Clean Pro Water Treatment is a revolutionary new water treatment that has been designed specifically for use in commercial glasswashers.

Manufactured from a fully bio-degradable formula that is based on raw sugar extract, Enviro Clean Pro Water Treatment completely replaces your warewashing detergents, rinse aids and water softeners to deliver fantastic cost-in-use savings when compared to traditional equipment.

By utilising only natural ingredients, there can be no contamination on glassware, ensuring the best beer taste and presentation in the world, with fantastic lacing and head retention.

The unique formula simultaneously prevents limescale build-up to protect machine components and tackles even the most stubborn wash problems such as lipstick and tanning removal.

Designed to work together with the Enviro Clean Pro commercial glasswasher, it guarantees sparkling clean glassware after every wash cycle.

  • Environmentally friendly non-toxic formula that is fully bio-degradable.
  • Detergents and rinse aid not required.
  • Water softener not required.
  • Glass renovation not required.
  • Lasts up to 5 times longer than traditional warewashing chemicals.
  • Easily removes lipstick from glass rim and prevents tea and coffee tanning on crockery.
  • Improved carbonation, head retention and lacing to deliver the best beer presentation.
  • Antioxidant to protect machine components, clean cabinet and ensure longevity.
Enviro Clean Pro Glasswasher


The Enviro Clean glasswasher and commercial dishwashers have been designed to go together with Enviro Clean Water Treatment. These are the only commercial warewashers that are configured out-of-the-box for automatic operation with the Envio Clean water treatment chemical.

Unlike many competitor machines, the Enviro Clean warewashers are manufactured entirely from stainless steel including interior cabinet, boilers, threads, wash arms, plugs and jets. This design helps to prevent the most common breakdowns and ensures a durable glasswasher that is well suited to long-term commercial use.


  • EC350GW350mm Basket Glasswasher
  • EC400GW400mm Basket Glasswasher
  • EC500GW500mm Basket Glasswasher
  • EC500DW500mm Basket Commercial Dishwasher
Less Chemicals

Less Chemicals

Uses up to 5 times less chemicals than traditional warewashers configured for rinse aid and detergent.

No Water Softener Required

No Water Softener

No detergents, rinse aid or water softener required. Just use Enviro Clean Water Treatment.

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel

All-stainless-steel construction, including stainless steel internal components.

Made in Italy

Made in Italy

Made in Italy with full WRAS waterboard approval for UK use..

3 Year Warranty

3 Year Warranty

We believe in the reliability of our products and provide a 3 Year Warranty as standard.

Enviro Clean Pro Dishwasher Detergent
  • Replaces Need For a Water SoftenerReplaces Need For A Water Softener
  • Environmentally FriendlyEnvironmentally Friendly Formula
  • Protects Machine ComponentsProtects Machine Components

The Chemicals

Dishwasher Detergent 5L


Easily removes, grease, oil and bunt on food. Added tannin remover leaves crockery and cutlery sparking. Contains efficient soil anti-redeposition agents. Formulated for use with Zero Scale Additive. Low caustic Eco-Friendly Formula. Helps precent limescale build-up.

Zero Scale Additive 5L


Specially formulated chemical designed to replace traditional rinse aid in dishwashers. Our Zero Scale Additive prevents limescale build up whilst improving wash results leaving crockery and cutlery sparkling everytime. Speeds up drying time.

Glasswasher Detergent 5L


Replaces traditional detergent and rinse aid typically used with glasswashers lasting up to 5x longer. Prevents limescale build-up and keeps machine components clean. Improves drink carbonation, head retention and lacing. Reduces the need for regular glass renovation.

Cost Savings

Enviro Clean Pro Water Treatment is the worlds only environmentally friendly glass washing system which also helps to reduce your initial capital expenditure and operational costs.

Initial Outlay

Average cost of water softener £170.00
Installation & Configuration £130.00
Total £300.00

Operational Cost Over 2000 Washes

Salt for water softener regeneration £5.00
Traditional Detergents (dosed at 5ml / wash) £15.00
Traditional Rinse Aids (dosed at 5ml / wash) £15.00
Glass Renovation Liquid/Powder £10.00
Labour costs for renovating & regenerating £15.00
Increased revenue from reduced drink wastage £20.00
Per month Up to £80.00
Per Year Up to £960.00

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